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J.Puzzle - Japanese Crosswords

4.0 ( 400 ratings )
라이프 스타일 게임 카드 퍼즐 엔터테인먼트 보드
개발자: Novilab Mobile
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The most comfortable and beautiful Nonograms app a.k.a Japanese crossword puzzles!

645 black and white and color crossword puzzles!

One of the most exciting intellectual games is now available on your iPad.
We tried to recreate for you your favorite game in the new appearance.

Here everything is like on paper:
 • paint the cells
 • mark empty cells
 • cross out the numbers

But only in our application:
• the most convenient control
• beautiful design
• the same beautiful music!

Crosswords are divided in complexity, so it is suitable for beginners who have only discovered this game, and for professionals.

Cautiously - tightens for a long time!

Friends, we express our deep gratitude for the feedback - it is very important and useful for us to improve the performance of our products.