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Most favorite game of all time

This is my most favorite game of all time. Other versions are fine, but this app is the most challenging and keeps me entertained for hours. BUT after each upgrade which only comes out maybe yearly, I can not purchase the new puzzles (not expensive and worth the change). I think I wrote to someone last year and it was fixed but this year same problem with no solution. PLEASE fix the the bug that will allow me to purchase the new set both black/ white and color options. Ps I have deleted and reinstalled but no luck, I am replaying old puzzles but I am wanting the new ones. If u like this type of puzzle it's a must have.

Good app

Love that you added color but I need the dot or x for the empty squares! Fix that and I would give 5 stars. I love these types of apps!

Очень красиво!

Прекрасная реализация - очень красивое оформление, все выдержано в стиле до мельчайших деталей! Любители японских кроссвордов получат море удовольствия.

It's been over 4 mos without a fix

Update 12/24: I'm so disappointed with this app. I've been waiting for an update to fix the problem of it not opening at all, but its been over 4 months and nothing. Until there is a fix, do not waste your money. Update 8/13: This app doesn't open now. I purchased new puzzles and haven't been able to play them. Please fix. It's been a few weeks now. This could really use a hint button, especially on the Hard level. It's almost impossible. I did all the Easy & Medium puzzles, but not one Hard puzzle. I was unable to download any of the new puzzles on the update. I think more puzzles should be given with each paid version. Nonogramix has three pages of puzzles included on each level. Otherwise, I really like the style of this app compared to others. The pictures actually look like what it should be, so it's more rewarding when you complete the puzzle. If there was a Hint button, or more rows with one number that covered more than half of the row (in the Hard level), I might actually be able to complete a Hard level puzzle and I'd give it five stars.

Very challenging

Like it. After 2-3 days won't open. Deleted and re-installed. Same thing. 😕


Loved the app then it started crashing. Just updated and it still won't open. It just crashes. iPad 1

Very entertaining!

I love this app! This app would get five stars if it weren't for these 2 things: 1) I tried to buy all 3 but it won't let me purchase. 2). The hard levels are way too hard! I can't buy anymore levels and I can barely get one hard level started.

Love these puzzles

Love this app and puzzles. However with latest update can't purchase newest puzzles! I have deleted and reinstalled app several times. Now I lost my in-app pack 1 purchase (all levels). Any suggestions?

Good work

Amazing app. And good update

Good game

A very interesting and beuitifull game and it's mostly free, so everyone should try it!

Really really love this kind of puzzle!

I've been playing this kind of puzzle since middle school! Hope there's more package!! And I really love the ui! So elegant! And the continuously touch is another sparking point!! A pity is that the package is so small u can easily run out of play.


The picture is very beautiful, I love it.and it's free!

Interesting game

When I play this game, I really enjoy myself. It brings me much fun.

Very Mind challenging

Though still a little confused on how to play i absoulutely love the potientle this app possess. The Music really helps me get into the game as well perfect

cool puzzle

Nice UI design, Tradition japanese music, Quite interesting. very good puzzle game.

a fun...

...and peaceful puzzle game!


Great and simple app! Enjoy it!

great app.

puzle lover!!!!

Japanese Puzzle

Nice app with beautiful graphics sometimes is really challenging.

Very creative

Very interesting intellectual game, love puzzles will certainly be fascinated by the game.

was skeptical...not anymore

Any one who loves puzzles will love this! relaxing and challenging..excellent music and a great ap to have on my I pad!

Love the Game, app could use some improvement.

This is a very basic, bare bones app. There are ten available puzzles for each of the three levels, with the option to purchase ten more per level. You have three options when you open the app: new game, continue, and gallery. I think the gallery is supposed to show your finished puzzles but it just crashes when I try to open it. There are no instructions or even a tutorial, but an Internet search for Japanese crossword will provide you with the concept...it's very simple so I can't imagine why there isn't a short instruction in the app. It's a challenging puzzle game, even some of the easy puzzles are taking me some time to figure out. I wish there were more puzzles to work on, and perhaps a hint option for those like me who are entirely new to Japanese crosswords. But overall I enjoy trying to figure out the pictures, so I'll keep this until I finish them all.

Japanese Puzzle

I enjoy the game, but it says completed puzzles are saved in the gallery. Every time I go to access the gallery I get thrown out of the app.

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